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Welcome to Riders United to Serve Humanity, where conversations evolve into plans, and plans ignite into impactful actions.

What we do:

  1. Build local teams to reach the depth and diversity of motorcycling

  2. Promote the value of World of Soul® Motorcyclist Association

  3. Execute humanities programming to retell America's story

  4. Produce motorcycle safety, awareness and training

  5. Assist with the development of the next generation of riders


In local communities around the country, Riders United to Serve Humanity teams consist of one person from each of the (12) types of motorcycle categories combining resources to make good things happen - turning ideas into action. 


It's not about saving the world.  It's about how we can better serve each other.

Access to opportunity begins and takes us to the next level with the development of World of Soul® Motorcyclist Association.

Visit us at to make the connection and begin the journey.  Get started.

Download PDF Brochure Here
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