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About Us

There comes a time when a conversation becomes a plan and the plan turns into action.


History has taught us that we can accomplish great things when we organize and unite. 


We've talked about the problems and decided we are the solution. 


Determined to make a lasting change we've come together to create hope by organizing to produce a model of support.

Motorcycling is about fun, adventure, excitement, and freedom.  It has nothing to do with charity.  However, motorcycle riders are typically good people who like to give back to the communities they live in and serve - Together all things are possible.


Our organization is a partnership with the World of Soul® Motorcycle Community to celebrate the diversity of motorcycling while breaking down barriers for the common good in order to build a better future through motorcycle community infrastructure and civic collaboration.

Organizational priorities include: 1.)  Growing World of Soul® Motorcyclist Association as a base of support and provide support to riders; 2.) Providing youth with mentoring opportunities and supporting students with their pursuit of a post-secondary education and/or career of their choice and 3.) Building the World of Soul® Motorcycle Community Center for Youth Development.

The event Ride for CHANGE Ride for HOPE™ is the programmatic thrust behind World of Soul® Motorcycle Community as produced by Riders United to Serve Humanity™.

The concept was born from the founder of World of Soul® Motorcycle Community's relationship with Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the study of the Southern Christian Leadership Council's Operation Breadbasket which later became Operation PUSH (People United to Serve Humanity).

Our organization's intent is to replicate the broad-based coalition model of the civil rights movement to reach the depth and diversity of the motorcycle community to build infrastructure to bring World of Soul® Motorcycle Community products, programs, services and events that add value to everyone's bottom line.  Have some fun - Do some good.


Powered by Riders United to Serve Humanity™

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