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This transformative initiative was conceived through the founder's connection with Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, inspired by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Southern Christian Leadership Council's Operation Breadbasket, later evolving into Operation PUSH (People United to Serve Humanity).


Our organization aspires to emulate the inclusive coalition model of the civil rights movement, reaching the depth and diversity of the motorcycle community. We aim to build infrastructure that brings World of Soul® Motorcycle Community products, programs, services, and events that enrich everyone's lives.

History has proven that great accomplishments arise when we organize and unite for a common cause. Recognizing that we are not just discussing problems but embodying the solutions, we have rallied together with a collective determination to effect lasting change, fostering hope through a model of support.

While motorcycling epitomizes fun, adventure, excitement, and freedom, our community understands the profound satisfaction that comes from giving back. At Riders United to Serve Humanity™, we believe that by harnessing the inherent goodness of motorcycle riders, we can achieve remarkable things when united in purpose.

In collaboration with the World of Soul® Motorcycle Community, our organization celebrates the diversity of motorcycling while dismantling barriers for the greater good. We strive to build a brighter future through the development of motorcycle community infrastructure and civic collaboration.

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to secure access to motorcycle safety, awareness, and training. Our organizational priorities include: 1) fostering the growth of the World of Soul® Motorcyclist Association to serve as a steadfast support base for riders; 2) providing mentorship opportunities for youth and supporting students in their pursuit of post-secondary education and career goals; and 3) establishing the World of Soul® Motorcycle Community Center for Youth Development.

The Ride for CHANGE, Ride for HOPE™ event is the driving force behind the World of Soul® Motorcycle Community, as orchestrated by Riders United to Serve Humanity™.


Join us as we blend fun with purpose—having a blast while doing good for humanity.


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